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Friday, April 20, 2012







Monday, February 6, 2012

Family Collection again =D

We went to Genting again!!Kaka =D
Actually Genting really not that interesting me since I getting ''OLD''
There is only 2 places I can get to play..
Outdoor or Casino?!XD
But than I no enough 21 years old..kakaka
So,We get to shops,enjoy those CNY special stage show and get the fresh air at Outdoor =)

Always love the feeling of hang out with family  =)
We were taking a lot of stupid and funny action picture,
We are In Love XD

This is the most nature Picture~but don't have me inside nieee

Te heeeee *=*

Fatty,mum and me =D

We are STRONG Man! =D

keke =) learning the post

Me toooo ~.~''

Am I look Cool? wahaha

Daddy asking them to doing the pose =D

Oh yeahhh! =)

Daddy suggestion those pose again =.=''

his favorite pose..=.='' 
since He watch the ..

We all are Piggy yea =)

Daddy was really enjoy take those funny picture since I bought DSLR =D

Stupid Us =D

Our Family Love =)
I was quite enjoy to hang out with my family,
The feeling was quite sweet and full of happiness.
Love yea~

Sunday, February 5, 2012

We are One Family XD

Family memorize collection =D

Memorize of 31 January 2011
We went Genting for Countdown New Year~^*^
Handsome bor?XD

We are acting stupid while waiting for countdown =D

Look at their expression?!

What are you looking for? =S
                                                                 Too light~I lazy Edit =D

Look at my brother expression kaka ~.~''

Do we Look alike Micky Mouse? *__*''

waiting countdown <12:00a.m>

a very nice picture..the Feel is there =)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I was quite persist in those trouble that I can't solve
I really hate this kind of feeling

whole day,
I was in good mood and good situation for revision
Why..why is there occur some stupid problem to me

I just asking and need an answer for confirm
The answer I was waiting quite long
I keep mention keep repeating I just need your answer 
You don't need to explain those stuff

But than,
OK..now already solve it
but your answer was make me feeling like...[It's better Don't go]
I choose to be stay............

Can I say..
Either A or B?!
I don't care..
Choose either one enough..
I can't make it at one day
Because I'm just a person,I am not a robot 
Please think about my feeling
I also will tired,
Don't make me feel like very annoying and disgusting

Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Recently thinking"

Recently,there is a lot of things that I can feeling
Everything was quite reality include those people around you..

Being a student, we must have our own responsible to handle our "position"
Don't let others to feel like you are such a stupid and waste out your time to disturb others
What we should do, and what should not to do,we have to understand about this

Nobody can totally get full mark even in attitude and personality
No one was really understand you
sometimes, somebody was quite disgusting with doing some nonsense thing 
It doesn't think others feeling
I really hate about it..

When it's bring to you,
you also will be the one always easy to on your temper,
It make you to become a bad temper and bad attitude
Where is the place we really enjoy it, we will know it
Who are the best around you,you will get the truth heart too

People try to pretend like nothing,
It's doesn't means he/she is nothing,
So, please be a clever person to feel it.
Being an human should think before talk =)

I have to learn it too..
get down my temper?! sorry I couldn't do it..
I don't like to get bully by others
It is call as [self-protect]
Don't make others to low down their EQ..
I'm the one who want to be an high EQ person..
but it was quite difficult..
If human being are no gossip, always help each others and talk without hurt someone
there will be a happy ending..


Friday, December 2, 2011


Oh yeah..
I have to said thanks to my classmate who plan for the celebration and also thanks to them about the celebration=)

This is the present that I get from friday =)
Thanks to babee vikie bobo who present me and brown color book and caber..
surprising that she still remember caber is one of my need =)
Thank youuuuu muakcc~ =D  

We have to go pavilion for the celebration of mine and a lian birth
Thanks for apple peng peng accompany me take the train to go there =D
We have been stay at "wong kok" for the celebration almost half day 
It's dam happy when all gather together play along the day..
Some more, 
Some one suddenly attend this celebration quite surprising me
Because she told me that she at college and don't want come for join us
but she having seat at "wong kok" with jenny babe and shawn..
I though who are the lady sitting there,
It's stupid jane babe!
quite surprising me..
Thanks for attend~

surprising me when I saw this ang pao~
I though is some of the 名句金华insideeee XD
But thanks to  babeee 2 bobo [jenny and jane] who give me this present~

Me with A lian~=)


My birthday and My family bought me to having steamboat as dinner~
Mummy gave her "Key" to me~XD
I get two ang pau from daddy and mummy also ^__^

Take those picture randomly by my Phone..=D
This is the steamboat restaurant that my daddy prefer to go,
He more prefer to the "traditional way" of steamboat XD
But of cos the taste was nice so he prefer it~

I love my family much much~=D